EASTERN EUROPE & THE HOLY LAND the evening of Day 7


The Holy Lands, it is not a visit or even an experience,  but,  a feeling so strong it was magnetic to the soul.

My thoughts & memories captivate me, … taking me back to my first flight into Tel Aviv many years ago.  We all remember different things which are close to our hearts…  this is mine.

I had spent time as a volunteer in  a Kibbutz in Israel 38years ago and,  still to this day,  I would say that was  the best year of my life.

Each time I travel to Israel I get ‘chicken skin / goose bumps’. I am thinking  perhaps I have lived here in a previous life ?

My cherished Jewish friend of 38 years who I met on the kibbutz as a 20 something  year old was expecting my visit.  My thoughts took me back to that time, what if I could just have one day of experiencing that again…..