EASTERN EUROPE & THE HOLY LAND early hours of morning Day 8


With a touchdown into TelAviv,  BenGurionAirport,  a long coach transfer from one part of the airport (airside) to the main Terminal where our luggage awaited us… just like magic, it appeared.

Counting heads  again,  etc  yes still got my 23 travellers.   We call ourselves Pilgrims now.

A few  need a ‘technical stop..  bathroom stop’ …done ! . set to go

About to leave,  then I’ve lost 7 of them. Another head count,  oh they decided they would go on a ‘technical stop’ and did not tell me.

We eventually move out from the airport  & meet up with our wonderful guide Usama and escorted to our coach.  Another of my Kibbutz friends from 38yrs ago,  Solash,  was also at  Ben Gurion Airport to meet up with me. Life is good.

Hey a new coach to travel in.  It’s a big improvement from the Kibbutz buses 38 years ago, but I wouldn’t have changed that experience, after all that’s what you do when you are young & the teeth rattling was not an issue.

Our coach today has wifi…  what a joy,  we were able to take photos and immediately send back to family and friends in Australia.

Another 1 hrs drive across to Bethlehem  where we were to stay for the next few nights.