Travelling through the beautiful countryside of Poland we reach a quaint village in central Poland named  Kazimierz Dolny …  its,  like back in time. Many painters and artist retreat to this small town to paint and sell their fine art.. I found myself saying,   “yes I will have that,  and that,” .. oh dear there you go again Marg,   BIG EYES…  you don’t have the luggage space as you have got to also make room for your personal pillow which you dragged all the way from Queensland … that’s correct,  I travel everywhere with my own pillow. .. well Linus had his blanket, (he was not at all embarrassed )   why can’t I have my pillow  ?

We were  spoilt for the night  in this little village.  My European operators managed to book all 24 pilgrims into one of the most delightful Villas in the village,  Complete with our own private dining room which was home to a piano. Following dinner that evening, one of our fellow pilgrims soon found a piano stool  and with not much persuasion performed a concert with many an old tune we could join in singing. .