Krackow…  I’m off to the salt mines !    not so scary.

These mines are famous as being the oldest operational mine in Europe and dating back to the 13th century.   The mines are as deep below the surface as Eiffel Tower is high….ha ,  I pictured us walking down all these stairs… much to my grateful relief we had an old fashioned elevator,    we enter by lift which accommodates only 5 people at a time and chug, chug, chug down we go.

Almost completing our visit after walking 4 klms underground, our guide suggests dragging a finger along  the walls of the mine.  I am able to taste the salt, I bet many a visitor has done the same ( oh what a thought now  ) ….  we reach a magnificent underground Cathedral with chandeliers made of salt,  statues carved into the walls and an amazing piece of artwork completed by one of the miners.  There is art work carved depicting the ‘Last Supper’… this is something which needs to be seen to appreciate it.