Eastern Europe & Holy Land – Day 3


photo (65)With an early start we left our Gothic friends of Prague to journey into Poland with a lunch stop in a quaint picturesque village called Klodazko, our morning tea break….  Still Gothic architecture adorns this village, we continue on to Czestochowa with a history of attracting more than 5 million pilgrims each year to pay homage to Our Lady of Czestochowa or / The Black Madonna.  We so happened to be there for the Feast Day of The Black Madonna… our little group of 23 amongst 70,000 visitors.

I had been fearful of losing one or two from the group… this is where it happened. Groups are moving through the Basilica, TreasuryMuseum and Knights Hall…. We arrive at the shop, yes lots of shopping, hummm time for a head count! … count again!   I’ve lost one .

A member of the group needed a ‘technical stop’ (bathroom), which was a ‘blessing’  ha ha lol (pun on words) upon his return, bumps right into my lost traveller, all good, so on we go heading back to our hotel for a well earned rest.