Eastern Europe and the Holy Land

As you will notice I BLOG about travelling. This TRAVELLING thing, It gets to be a sort of disease for some people.  I am sure I was injected by this ‘bug’ when I was younger or perhaps just born with itchy feet ……. Travelling through life I have reached that location in my working life that I love. Well, I have been hearing lately that its not work if you love what you do … that’s me, I love doing what I’m doing. This is my first ‘blog’ so go easy on me please.


DEPARTURE  from Brisbane International Airport 22 Aug 2014

timetable9.00pm with my excited travellers, all contrasting people, lots of variety in style, personalities etc, just the way I like it!  I then carried out the roll call trick, you know, like back in primary school, anyone not here just yell! Some had concerns about one of our destinations, that being Israel, but some were just happy to be boarding the big silver bird in the sky… but more about their concerns later!

The Big Silver Lady from Brisbane touched down smoothly in Dubai for a few hours resting her huge wings before continuing on to Prague, yes Prague, The Czech Republic. I was told about the unreal shopping that was available, but alas that wasn’t my trip purpose!!!! Stop day dreaming Marg you are in Dubai enjoy your well earned & clever decision to pay for an Airport lounge where one could emulate a lizard & actually sit in a different position! The never before Dubai travellers chose to check out the shopping!

market square, PragueTouchdown into the golden city of Prague was smoother than I have ever experienced, the pilot must have known about the lovely Australians on board! Met by our local guide and coach driver. Both our guide and our coach driver were from Warsaw. Our guide spoke with a very strong accent, I must say her English is much better than my Polish. Our driver also is a credit to his country He handled this monster of a coach like he was driving his family car, all with care and precision. Prague is famous for its Gothic and Baroque architecture, it would be one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Our 2nd day, well, talk about hitting the ground running….

PragueWe were fed and watered at breakfast and out on the road by 8:30am to begin our walking tour taking in sights like St Vitus Cathedral (it houses the crown jewels) We continue on to the Hradcany area and majestic Prague Castle. There are clock towers and the Treasury. One can not go to Prague without strolling over the Charles Bridge. Whether walking over the Charles Bridge alone of with that special person in your life, romance takes hold. Daytime or evening I found buskers and artists, including a local blind lady singing with the most angelic voice I actually thought she was an angel, I found myself wanting to just stand and listen, alas, there was more to this fascinating parade. You may consider purchasing a ticket to a classical concert which would be performed in one of the beautiful Churches or in one of the grand concert halls.Prague - artwork

Head on down to the Old Town Square which was a marketplace until about 100yrs ago. Here you will find busking bands (lots of jazz) outdoor concerts. One of the wonderful times to visit Prague is the time leading up to Christmas when you will be able to take in this glorious atmosphere of the impressive Christmas markets. You will find sellers of wooden toys, metalware, jewellery, not to mention traditional handicrafts. Prague is not just about shopping! Naturally there is the traditional food like the barbequed sausages oh, and what about that hot mulled wine. I’ll drink to that.

Prague- Holy InfantMy visit to Prague would not have been complete without stopping by for Mass at the Church of Our Lady Victorious where stands the statue of the Holy Infant of Prague. This tiny statue figure has an impressive record of miracle cures and is one of the most revered images in the Catholic world.

So as to have a little bit of fun and a more of a ‘get to know your neighbour’ on our organized coach tour, on our 2nd night I had introduced a ‘fancy dress night’. Being that Prague is associated with culture, history, medieval architecture as well as many types of music, I asked the group to bring along a sort of ‘fancy dress’ outfit. Its amazing what one can find in your suitcase. We had a few pirates, well dressed ladies, Cat woman, even a Hawaiian dancer. Now, I am not what you would call ‘slim built’ I packed in a long white singlet, leggings and a pink tutu and long pink glittery stick-on eyelashes. I tried my style as a ‘ballerina’. The dress up night broke the ice for a number of travelers .