Travel Insurance… don’t leave home without it !

You’ve made your decision to travel and been along to see your ‘devoted Travel Agent’.  They have advised of various ideas and destinations within your budget and choice.  Once you have your booking confirmed and deposit paid we recommend you take out your travel insurance immediately to cover you against having to cancel due to illness…  of course, conditions apply,  e.g:   check with your agent regarding pre-existing illness coverage.

Can I bring to your attention that as of 30 June 2014, there is no longer a requirement for travel agent licensing which could open up the industry to unscrupulous individuals. I want to assure you that I will continue as always being thorough, responsible and trustworthy.  I look forward to an invigorating 2015 and await your calls as I really want your business.


Buongiorno fellow travellers.

Welcome to Travel with Marguerite.  I am looking forward to connecting with fellow travellers,  sharing travel stories  and advice based on my expertise within the travel industry, which I have gained over the past 35yrs.