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“In a rut and feeling bored?

Its time for a holiday at home or abroad”


Marguerite McMahon experienced reliable travel agentI love getting out there exploring the world because travelling is something I couldn’t live without, itchy feet is a condition I was born with and because I want to share my experiences with my clients, I can’t help infecting them with my enthusiasm for the discoveries they are about to go out and make for themselves.

This year will be defined by a few trends: exploration and personalised experiences.

My clients now want an experience that’s special. Increasingly, holidays are being centred around major events, such as Wimbledon and Formula One.


Escape to Florence and relax knowing that everything has been taken care of by Marguerite McMachon Travel.


The ‘Food Enthusiast Trail’ is also shaping up to be popular, with more travellers seeking out the world’s leading restaurants or those quaint little “ristorante” or “trattoria in the hills of Tuscanny OR… maybe you would like to experience ‘HIGH TEA’ at Burj Al Arab in Dubai or perhaps The Ritz in London.

When we go somewhere, we want to feel like it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. For example, why not succumb to a Gulet cruise around the Turkish Islands. Perhaps a healing swim in the Dead Sea (Israel).

Cruising in Australia and throughout the world has never been more popular, a trend which seems to be continuing. A record number of ships will sail from Australia this year. There’s a wide range of options to cater for all travelling styles and budgets.

I am here to assist you with your dreams… I am here as your “PERSONAL TRAVEL CONCIERGE” with the support of a trusted consultant to safeguard your investment. We can arrange your flights, cruise, hotel accommodation, tours, travel insurance, car hire and transfers.


Feel like a wild adventure in Africa? Marguerite McMahon arrange the perfect holiday for you.


I started out travelling at an early age not thinking it would be how I was going to be making a living. Having travelled to many corners of the globe, in later years setting up a mobile travel business in conjunction with former work colleague Kim Taylor of Kim Taylor Travel. Our experience and travel knowledge is varied and exciting from being in Iran during a war, to patting lions in Africa, living on a house boat in Kashmir (India) to holidaying on a 5 star luxury ship in the Mediterranean.

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